The Loss of Heath Ledger

The Hollywood world lost an incredible actor yesterday. When a Hollywood star dies many people mourn. However, with the sudden death of Heath Ledger, many in the entertainment world described their feelings as shocked.

The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office said an autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of death. The 28 year old Australian-born actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say the actor’s death appears to be an accidental overdose of a mix of prescription medications and others drugs.

This is really a sad day as Ledger was turning into an incredible actor. I first discovered his acting abilities in the movie A Knight’s Tale. In what could be described as a tamer Monty Python style movie, Ledger is simply amazing in this flick. He moved on from that to also appear in The Patriot with Mel Gibson where we discovered not only could he do comedy, but he was also an actor who could adapt to a somewhat serious script as well. Of course he was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Brokeback Mountain. That movie was nothing more than a Hollywood hyped movie with a blatant agenda, but even still, an Acadamy Award nomination is nothing to sneeze at.

Heath Ledger’s final film performance will come out this summer in the Batman movie The Dark Knight, in which he plays the Joker. I’ve often wondered how actors cope with some roles, and we may have an insight into the untimely, tragic and shocking death of Heath Ledger. In an interview last November with The New York Times, Ledger said he had problems sleeping while playing the Joker, and described the character as a “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empahty.” Ledger went on to say in the interview that during one particular week of shooting he only slept an average of two hours a night. Ledger told the newspaper he took two Ambien pills to help cope, but they only worked for an hour.

This is truly a sad day for Hollywood, a shocking day for Hollywood. Heath Ledger was turning into an actor in demand because of his talent. But now, he’s gone. I’m sure there will be a lot of spin on the cause of his death. But, lets step aside from all the hype, and remember a man who was one of Hollywood’s rising stars, who turned into a shooting star far too early in his career.

For me, later today I think I’ll pop in my A Knight’s Tale DVD and remember Ledger as a funny comedic actor. Then I’ll look forward to his portrayal of the Joker in another favorite movie series of mine, Batman, when The Dark Knight comes out this summer.

Heath Ledger, may you rest in peace.

Enjoy the show,
Dr. Rus

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