Katie Holmes Might Need Batman Again

In the movie Batman Begins, Christian Bale, who plays the role of Batman, comes to the rescue of the Katie Holmes character, Rachel Dawes. Could it be Batman needs to make another rescue attempt of Katie Holmes?

Star Magazine is reporting that Tom Cruise recently sent his wife, Katie Holmes, to a Scientology boot camp for three days. The magazine says Katie went to Gold Base, a super-secret Scientology compound in Hemet, California. (Super-secret, that sounds pretty scary already.) What happened while she was there you ask? She endured a grueling schedule of lie detector tests, confession sessions and physically-demanding purification processes. Apparently hubby Tom sent his wife Katie to the camp pushing her brain-washing, or I mean training, into the world of Scientology into high gear after Katie told him she wanted to head to New York to do a Broadway play.

Say what!? She wants to do a Broadway show and Cruise thinks she’s whacked in the head and decides to send her to a camp where she goes through sessions of lie detectors and being forced to stay awake for 36 hours straight, with little food or sleep. Who’s the one whacked in the head here? I wonder if she also had training on how to look like a fool while jumping on a couch.

Katie, it might be time to call on Batman to come and find you and get you away from the madness. If you thought Scarecrow was nuts in Batman Begins, I’d like to know what you really think of your nut-bar husband Tommy Cruise. Katie, if hubby Tommy asks you to drink some Kool-Aid, you better have it tested to make sure he didn’t stop by the Jimmy Jones Supermarket to make the purchase.

Looking for the Bat Signal…
Dr. Rus

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