Review: WALL-E

3.5 Lloyds – Family-Friendly
Rated G

Why is it that Disney and other animators these days feel the need to indoctrinate kids about global warming? Whatever happened to a fun cartoon with cool animation, just for the sake of having a fun cartoon with cool animation? Now don’t get me wrong. WALL-E is a great movie, and it is definitely family-friendly. But why the underlying agenda of Hollywood and Disney to make the movie about global warming and pollution. Yes, we need to take care of the world and the environment. But to disguise indoctrination in the form of a cute animated robot, goes too far. If you’re wondering why I’m only giving WALL-E a 3.5 Lloyd rating, now you know. In my opinion the global warming agenda hurts this flick.

Now, after saying that, just who is WALL-E? He’s a robot whose full name is Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class. He’s spent the past 700 years picking up trash after everyone left the earth on the BNL spaceship for what was supposed to be a five year cruise. But, when earth doesn’t get cleaned up as fast as they thought, the 5 year cruise, turns into a 700 year journey of laziness, fast food, and yes, fat. WALL-E’s world, along with those on the spaceship, changes when a female robot named
EVE visits earth in search of her directive. WALL-E has grown somewhat lonely and quickly falls in love with EVE. He doesn’t know it yet, but he inadvertently stumbled across what EVE was looking for. When she discovers it, the journey begins back into space toward the mother-ship where humankind has been awaiting the day when they can return to earth.

WALL-E once again shows off the brilliant animation talent of Pixar. The animation is extremely well done, and the movie, for the most part is quirky and fun. However, there are a couple spots in the movie that are a little intense. A few times throughout the movie some of the younger kids in the theater were not only visibly scared, but also vocally scared too. But, those moments are few and far between, which means in the end, it’s very easy for a parent to calm their younger children down if they do happen to get scared.

This is a story about love, as well as purpose and destiny. It’s also a warning to humans that if we become to relaxed with our surroundings, and become too dependent on computers, they just might take our lives over. In the end, we’ll become overweight living the big and large life, super-sizing everything we eat.

Enjoy the show!
Dr. Rus

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