Demonic Superhero Tops Box Office

Opening on over 3,000 screens, the demonic superhero Hellboy possessed the number one spot at the weekend box office with Hellboy II: The Golden Army. But, this over-animated demon possessed movie will have a short run at the number one spot. The much anticipated Batman sequel The Dark Knight opens this Friday, July 18th. Early projections have The Dark Knight pulling in anywhere from $150 million to $170 million dollars. While the Batman series has always had a good core audience following, this latest installment is sure to be a box office smash. Especially since it’s the last performance by the late Heath Ledger.

Coming in at number two this week, once again proving that anything with Will Smith’s name on it is bankable, the dysfunctional superhero Hancock pulled in $33 million dollars. That’s just slightly less than Hellboy with a figure of $36 million. In the number three spot, Walen Media’s Real-D Journey to the Center of the Earth brought in $21 million dollars. The only other new movie opening over the weekend was the lack-luster Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy. The Meet Dave spectacular flop, which could earn Murphy some more Razzie Awards next year, came in at a dismal seventh with just $5 million dollars in ticket sales. Murphy should be proud of himself. He’s once again proven he’s incapable of putting out anything good on the big screen. The trash-compactor WALL-E and bumbling Agent 86 beat Dave at the box office.

Rounding out the top ten, Wanted came in at number five with Kung Fu Panda, Kit Kittredge and Indiana Jones holding down the numbers 8 through 10 spots.

Enjoy the show!
Dr. Rus

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