Price Is Right Games Fixed!?

Say it isn’t so! I can’t believe Bob Barker would have stood for this.

My all time favorite Price is Right game is Plinko. I love watching that big Plinko chip bounce down the board wondering where it will land. Of course the excitement builds with both the contestant and the audience wondering if the chip will hit the big money. Now it turns out the game can be fixed. That’s right, the Price is Right game Plinko can be rigged so it will drop the chip into a dollar spot the producers want it to land in. A recent report revealed that the shows famous game was intentionally set to direct chips into the $10,000 slot for a shooting last week of the Price is Right video game. The problem was, no one reset the game when taping for a new episode got underway.

As a result, one female contestant suddenly found herself greeted with a very lucky day.

Apparently producers of the show realized their error when the contestant’s Plinko chips landed in the $10,000 slot, three times in a row! After discovering they’d forgotten to un-rig the game, they reset it, and then had the contestant play again. This time around she didn’t fair quite so well and only won $3,000. But, after the show, the producers apparently changed their mind and decided to give the woman the $33,000 she’d actually won. If you want to see the whole fiasco on TV, don’t hold your breath. Producers have already announced they’re cutting it from the show.

There are so many issues at work here! The producers are blaming the whole incident on what they’re calling a “malfunctioning” Plinko game. But, the bottom line is, nothing “malfunctioned” here. The game did exactly what it was “rigged” to do. The producers rigged the game so the chips would all land in the $10,000 slot. That’s exactly what the game did. Suddenly the chance in the Plinko game is gone. The game was, and can be FIXED! This makes me wonder how many other games on The Price is Right can be fixed. Do producers have the ability to set the Big Wheel to land on the $1.00 spot? In other words, can they set the Big Wheel to malfunction so someone is a big winner?

How can the producers of the game show call this a “malfunctioning game” with a straight face? Suddenly, in my opinion, there’s no integrity left with The Price Right. One of two things needs to happen; the producers need to be fired for fixing games, or the show needs to be taken right off the air. It also makes me wonder if the producers decided to pay the woman $33,000 in an attempt to cover up their mistake and pay some hush-up money. After all, if the woman had only walked away with the $3,000 I’m sure a lawsuit would have quickly been filed.

Possibly fearing a lawsuit, maybe the producers decide to cover up their malfunctioning machine about as quickly as Janet Jackson tried to cover up her exposed breast at the Super Bowl.

Bob Barker used to always close the show by saying — “Have your pets spayed and neutered.” Maybe he, along with the new host Drew Carey, should start saying something like – “Play only the games that are rigged to win.”

Be cautious of the show,
Dr. Rus

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