Review: Dangerous Calling

Dangerous Calling
4 Lloyd’s – Not Family-Friendly
Not Rated – Parental Guidance for Children Under 13

A Suspense Thriller of Sacred Proportion

With the suspense of a Red Eye, the thriller of a Disturbia and the jump-factor of an I Am LegendDangerous Calling is an edge of your seat look at what can happen when church politics go terribly wrong. Evan Burke and his wife Nora are embarking on what they hope is a new and fresh start in the community of Willit Springs. Refusing to play the politics game in his first church, Evan suddenly found himself without a job. “Willit Springs will be different,” declares Evan. “I’m going to play the game this time.” He goes on to say, “My Dad played the political church game all his life, and he’s been at the same church for 35 years. If it worked for him, it can work for me.”

The plan seems to work fine at first…but then the body count starts to add up.

Very few movies make us say Wow!” when they’re finished. We said “Wow!” when Dangerous Calling finished. Very few movies have us talking to the characters saying things like – “Don’t go in there! Keep quiet he’s coming.”Dangerous Calling had us talking to the characters. Even fewer movies have what we call jump-factor causing us to jump when the unexpected happens. Dangerous Calling has plenty of jump-factor. The movie clocks in at 90 minutes, but it’s a full 90 minutes. At first I thought the slower moving portions of the flick, of which there are few, made for a somewhat disjointed story line. However, in retrospect, the occasional slowdowns are welcome catch-your-breathe moments. In the end, this is an incredible movie with all the right elements to keep you glued to the screen. While there are a few different story line threads throughout – Evan and Nora; Miss Pat and Elijah; Youth Pastor Scott; Previous Pastor of the church; and even a bookstore worker – the scriptwriters do a great job of weaving the story lines together creating a great tapestry with no frayed ends. On the surface, one might think this is merely a story about Evan and Nora. However, in the end, we discover there’s much more going on here than meets the eye. But even taking that into account, every story line does indeed come to a conclusion in one way or another.

The Daws brothers, Josh and Jeremiah, should be applauded on many levels
when it comes to Dangerous Calling.

While you may think this is just another one of those church basement movies, Dangerous Calling is far from that category. Reality is, this is a murder-suspense-thriller, which happens to take place in a church. One could almost say Dangerous Calling is an edgier Father Dowling murder mystery. In a sea of poorly produced and poorly done movies from so-called Christians, Dangerous Calling rises to the top of what are usually flops. In my opinion, Dangerous Calling is the cream, towering above movies such as Fireproof and Facing the Giants. From a production standpoint, Dangerous Calling could even be placed into the same category as recent Walden Media movies such as Amazing Grace and The Chronicles of Narnia. We applaud the Daws for their attention to detail, and willingness to produce a top-notch movie.

Secondly, the Daws need to be applauded for daring to step into a genre within the Christian market, that is truly untapped. As already mentioned, most Christian movies are poorly done. However, such is not the case with Dangerous Calling. Josh Daws keeps saying over and over again – “I believe there’s a market for this type of movie within the body of Christ.” – Josh, you are exactly right. However, the sad thing is, most production companies handling movies such as these are staying away from the movie because of its content. This is truly a shame. If a survey were taken of movie goers, I’m sure we would find many who are believers, who also thoroughly enjoyed Red Eye, Disturbia and I am Legend. But, as a result of the closed-mindedness of those in Christian companies, they do not see a market for such a movie as this.

Coinciding with the fact that Christian companies are afraid to pick up the movie, it’s also sad when the usual gamut of Film Festivals take a pass on Dangerous Calling. The mainstream festivals say it’s too churchy, while the Christian festivals reject the movie because the stars kiss. They’re married in the movie, but since they’re not married in real life, the film is rejected. It’s obvious this movie deserves a broader audience. But, as an independent movie, it’s hard swimming against the stream of the usual Hollywood mix, and the syrupy Christian flicks. What’s funny is the fact that one sub-theme of Dangerous Calling revolves around the idea that many churches are more of a social club than anything else. They are in-effective when it comes to reaching those outside the church. If it doesn’t look like everything else, then it’s a bad influence and should therefore be cast-out. With that in mind, it’s sad to think that the very Christian companies that should be picking up a film such as this, won’t. Are they too suffering from a social club mindset?

As for a rating, Dangerous Calling is Unrated. This has nothing to do with the quality of the movie. It simply has to do with the fact that the MPAA charges a lot of money to review a movie and then give it a rating. Again, as it is many times in Hollywood, the cards are truly stacked against the independent filmmaker. The filmmakers chose to make the warning read – Parental Guidance for Children Under 13 – I might debate that with them. While there’s nothing horrendously bad in this movie, I would question the wisdom of kids under the age of 16 watching this movie. The scenes of violence, hooked with the well done thriller-suspense aspect of Dangerous Calling puts the movie out of the family-friendly arena. Some of the images are rather startling, therefore this movie is possibly better suited for the 16 and up crowd.

Dangerous Calling is definitely a movie worth seeing. If you’re inside the church, and love suspense-thriller movies, you will love Dangerous Calling. If you’re not a church attendee, but love movies with murder, intrigue, suspense and thrill, you too will love Dangerous Calling. And, for those outside the church who are tired of the usual poorly done Christian movies that try to shove the Bible down your throat, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Dangerous Calling. As I already mentioned above, this is an incredible thriller-suspense movie, that just happens to take place in the lives of a Pastoral couple.

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Enjoy the show!
Dr. Rus

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