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Golden Globes Trying To Make Movie Hits


We are rapidly approaching the Hollywood award season. Come the New Year we will be inundated with red carpets, star-studded dinners, and new dresses more revealing than some outfits found in the privacy of a bedroom. The award season also brings with it long-winded acceptance speeches where actors and actresses alike should stop talking about politics, and stick to simply thanking those involved in the movie. Of course with the rapidly approaching award season, we’re now faced with the fanfare of the nomination process.

The Golden Globe nominees were announced this week and really coming as no surprise to me, some of the leading nominations aren’t even in theaters yet. If they are already on the big screen, it’s in a limited way.

This is Hollywood’s way of trying to make a hit movie. Put it up for an award in the hopes more theaters will carry it.

Leading Nominees No One Has Heard Of

Once again the nomination field for the Golden Globes leaves many scratching their heads. The Hollywood types don’t seem fazed, but movie-goers wonder what in the world is going on. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt and Frost/Nixon each earned five nominations. But, the films have either not yet been released, or are currently playing in limited release.

Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt, tells the story of a man who ages in reverse. While the movie looks intriguing, it clocks in at close to 3 hours and opens on Christmas Day. I rather doubt many movie-goers will give up 3 hours of their Christmas Day to eat popcorn, instead of smelling the aroma of cooking turkey. As for Doubt, while it features such notables as Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, it’s only on 15 screens right now. Last, but certainly not least, Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon recaptures the 1977 interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon. However, once again, this is a flick that few are aware of because it’s currently only on 39 screens.

The Golden Globes Are Not For The Average Movie-goer

Many seemed surprised that The Dark Knight only earned only one nomination. The late Heath Ledger picked up a Best Supporting Actor nod for his performance as the Joker. Again, there’s really no surprise here. The Golden Globe Awards seldom give top nods to what the normal movie-goer recognizes as worthy movies or worthy actors. The bottom line is, the Golden Globes knew if they totally ignored the Warner Bros. smash hit movie that pulled in the biggest box office dollars of the year, they would lose all credibility.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying those involved in the nomination process for the Golden Globes should be taken out back and tarred and feathered. I’m merely pointing out, for those who say they’re surprised and wonder what’s going on, you’re missing the point. These awards are not based on public opinion. While many award shows are prestigious, Stephen Spielberg said it best one year when he won a People’s Choice award. During his acceptance speech he said the People’s Choice award was far more important than any other. Why? Because the people, the one’s who spend the actual money for the ticket, are the ones voting on it. For most in Hollywood, the People’s Choice is far more treasured than the Hollywood insider choice.

Enjoy the show!
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