Dark Knight Returns To IMAX

The Dark Knight Re-release to IMAX


Just in time for the Academy Awards, The Dark Knight is set for a re-release onto the big IMAX screen this weekend! The blockbuster Warner Bros. flick hit the big screen the first time around on July 18 of last year. With a production budget of $185 million, the Caped Crusader has broken almost every box office record since its release. Domestically, as of January 19, 2009, The Dark Knight has pulled in $531,037,655. But, when you add in the foreign box office sales, Heath Ledger’s final big screen flick has pulled in a total of $997,033,655! That’s a lot of popcorn!

If you enjoyed The Dark Knight on the big screen, but didn’t see it in IMAX, I highly recommend an IMAX experience for this flick. It brings Batman and the Joker to life like you’ve never seen them before!

As for theaters in New York State where you will find The Dark Knight in IMAX, here’s the list;

  • Regal Transit IMAX – Williamsville, NY
  • Cinemark Tinseltown IMAX – Rochester, NY
  • Regal Crossgates IMAX – Albany, NY

As for a refresher on blog posts concerning The Dark Knight, here are some links to what I wrote last summer.

To be honest with you, I’m not one to see a movie multiple times in the movie theater. We do now have the DVD and I’ve watched The Dark Knight at home a couple times. But, this movie is such a great movie, I just might have to head to the IMAX myself this weekend and catch this incredible movie on the big screen once again.

Enjoy the show!
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