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Are you tired of all the world news about nukes, pirates, and posturing? Are you tired of dreary economic news too? If so, have no fear, Hollywood always brings us a share of starlet news too. Over the past few days I’ve been gathering some odds and ends on my desk, and I thought I would put together a general Entertainment News Roundup post together here.

With that in mind, here’s what you can expect here;

  • Harry Potter Star Arrested For Magic Plants
  • Iron Man 2 News
  • Michael Caine In The Dark, About Dark Knight Follow-Up

Harry Potter Bully Arrested

One of the school bullies from the Harry Potter movies must have taken a botany class while attending Hogwarts. Police arrested 19 year old Jamie Waylett, who played Vincent Crabb in all five Potter movies, after they found 8 bags of marijuana in a car he and another man were in. But, just when you thought the story was over, it gets even better! Later that day authorities went to Waylett’s home where they found a number of plants, “believed to be cannabis plants” along with “equipment for the cultivation of plants.”

Iron Man 2 News

Production for Iron Man 2 is now underway. Earlier this week Robert Downey Junior and Gwyneth Paltrow were seen working on the new movie in Los Angeles. Gwyneth was seen being driven to the set while Downey Junior was seen outside his trailer smoking a rather large cigar.

Meanwhile, Downey Junior has also confirmed that Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson will be in the Iron Man sequel. After weeks of speculation, Downey Junior said the pair will play villains in the new flick. Garry Shandlilng is also in the film. Of course we also knew Don Cheadle has signed on, along with Samual L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell.

A Dark Knight Follow-Up?

There’s still little to no word on a possible sequel to last year’s Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight. Michael Caine, the 76 year old actor who’s played Bruce Wayne’s butler and confidante Alfred in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight said he’s heard reports that the Caped Crusader may battle The Riddler in the next sequel. But, director Christopher Nolan is – “the most secretive person he knows.”

We do know Caine is under contract to reprise his role if a third Batman movie is made. We also know Caine will make his next appearance on teh big screen in a couple weeks. He’ll be playing a retired magician in the film Is Anybody There?

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