Terminator Grabs Early $3 Mil

Terminator Gets Early Jump On Weekend Box Office


Fans of John Connor helped Terminator Salvation get an early jump on the holiday weekend box office competition by attending midnight screenings Thursday which generated $3 million dollars in ticket sales. While that’s a big number for the fourth Terminator film, it’s hard to compare with what’s gone before as the official number of screens carrying the midnight showings have not yet been released. X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed nearly $5 million at 1,595 midnight screenings earlier this month. Watchmen picked up $4.6 million at an undisclosed number of midnight showings in March.

In Terminator Salvation Christian Bale portrays Connor, the predestined savior of mankind. It’s 2018 and Connor is a member of the resistance that’s targeting the evil artificial intelligence network known as Skynet.

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