Box Office: Harry Potter Opening

Box Office: Harry Potter Opening

Potter Does Well At Midnight


Potter Doesn’t Disappoint At Early Box Office

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince did very well at midnight in terms of box office numbers. The numbers are out and the midnight screenings of the sixth and latest installment of the franchise pulled in $22.2 million. If you’re into numbers and records, that figure breaks the record set from midnight showings of another Warner Brothers picture. The Dark Knight pulled in $18.5 million last summer.

Harry Potter pulled in just over $6 million more than the midnight screenings of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In comparison to other Potter flicks, The Half-Blood Prince pulled in $10 million more than midnight showings of the last Harry Potter movie in 2007, The Order of the Phoenix.

Will It Have Staying Power

While the latest Harry Potter flick may have come out of the gate well, I wonder if it will have the staying power of The Dark Knight. Everyone loves to tout the early box office results, but seldom do people look at the long run results. For example, while Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did extremely well for two weeks, it seems to be dropping off quickly. Could it be people have figured out it’s huge on special effects, but shallow on anything else? If that’s the case, it becomes obvious why it’s falling off quickly.

Will Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have the same fate?

I believe the latest Potter movie will disappear much quicker than the earlier movies in the franchise. As a result, when all is said and done, I also think The Dark Knight will stay on top as far as record total box office results. Already some Potter fans are expressing their disappointment with the Half-Blood Prince. While there seems to be no fence sitting when it comes to opinion – People either love the movie or are disappointed with the movie – I don’t think it has the staying power.

Time will tell, and we’ll see what happens in the long run.

Enjoy the show!
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