Batman & Pirate Sequels

Batman & Pirate Sequels

Are Sequels On The Horizon?


Comic-Con always brings out the best of the comic book world.
These days it also makes for great movie-rumor-fodder.

Two of the highest-grossing franchises in movie history are making their way back to the big screen. At least that’s the word coming from Comic-Con. Many have wondered when the Batman sequel to The Dark Knight would hit the big screen. The IMdB database says it’s “in development”. That’s a vague way of saying some people are starting to talk about it now. We do know Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman were signed for three Batman movies. For those who can count, that means there is at least one more movie out there somewhere.

The other sequel rumors surround the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Will Johnny Depp reprise his famed Captain Jack role? Of course after the last Pirates movie all I can say is – Why? – But then again, when it comes down to the bottom line of dollars, there’s no disputing that Captain Jack is very bankable.

Are there sequels on the horizon?

A Dark Knight Sequel

The sequel to the 2008 Dark Knight is set to start production in 2010. Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon, said at Comic-Con that “The next Batman is next year. So, that means it’s two years away.” Goldman then quickly added, “But, you didn’t hear that from me.” While Oldman was talking about Batman, he was at Comic-Con promoting his latest film, The Book of Eli where he stars opposite Denzel Washington.

Another sequel gathering talk at Comic-Con was a follow-up to 2007’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. That movie is supposed to set sail next year as well. Oren Aviv, Disney’s head of production, announced at Comic-Con that plans are underway to shoot Pirates 4 in April of May of next year. That means they’re looking for a possible release day in 2011.

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