More Twilight Movies?

More Twilight Movies?

Eclipse Cast Member Says More Twilight’s On The Way!


Boo Boo Stewart, a cast member in the new Twilight movie Eclipse says there will be two more movies in the Twilight franchise after the third flick hits the big screen. Stewart, who plays wolf-pack member Seth Clearwater, said he’s heard there’s gonig to be three more movies – Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and at least one more.

However, even though Stewart says more movies are on the way, it could be wishful thinking with the hopes of keeping his role in the franchise active. Only three movies in the series – Twilight, New Moon which is due November 20th, and Eclipse – have been officially confirmed by Summit Entertainment. A representative for Summit, the studio behind the vampire franchise, said Stewart’s comments about the films are “unfortunately uninformed and not accurate.”

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