100609: Movie News

100609: Movie News

Movie News


It’s time to clear off my desk once again. Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting stories along the way that are good stories, but not big enough for a post to themselves. Today I decided to go through the stack of stories and see what I can clear out.

In this edition of Hollywood Movies New…

  • The Return of Kill Bill
  • Liam Neeson Makes Movie Deal
  • Nicolas Cage Sued
  • Ice Age Director Working On Spore

And much more!

Movies In Brief

Kill Bill is about to get a new life! Quentin Tarantino is apparently interested in doing a third film in the series. While appearing at the Morelia International Film Festival in Mexico Tarantino said he’d like to give Uma Thurman’s character 10 years of peace before picking things up again.

Variety is reporting that Liam Neeson will star in the thriller The Next Three Days. He will play an ex-con with a knack for breaking out of jail. Adding a twist to the plot, Neeson’s character agrees to help teach a man how to get his suicidal, incarcerated wife out of prison. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are cast to play the couple.

Nicolas Cage is being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2 million loan. The suit was filed by East West Bank in Los Angeles and claims Cage received an extension on a line of credit in 2007 before defaulting on the loan in November of last year. East West claims Cage agreed to new payment terms, but stopped making the nearly $12,000 monthly payments in May before failing to meet an October 1st deadline to come up with $100,000 in fees and interest.

You can now add Spore to the latest video game to become a movie. From the “I just don’t get it files”, Chris Wedge, the director of Ice Age will lead the project. In the game players create universes filled with various creatures and worlds they devise.

A 31 year old mechanic has been convicted of criminal trespassing for his involvement in the 2007 theft of Kirsten Dunst’s $2,000 purse from a hotel. James Jimenez was accused of stealing the purse while Dunst was shooting a movie in New York City. However, the jury deadlocked on the top charge of burglary.

Too Much Twilight Makes For A Boring Actress?


One would think being one of the stars of a mega-blockbuster-movie-hit-flick like Twilight would make your life nothing but an exciting ride. However, Kristen Stewart says her life has become duller because of the vampire flick. In a recent interview Stewart said “The sad thing is I feel so bored because Twilight is literally how every conversation I have these days begins.”

Stewart went on to say she’s also having difficulty dealing with the sudden fame that came from the film’s success. She said “All I’m thinking of is the fact that everything I say is going to be criticized, evaluated and analyzed. I don’t leave my hotel room, literally, I don’t.”

She concluded the interview saying she’s looking forward to the day when the whole Twilight craze is over. She said, “In a few years, I will hopefully become more like the people I want to become like.”

Miley Cyrus & Sex And The City

Miley Cyrus may be just 16 years old, but she’s apparently ready for a role in the upcoming Sex In The City movie. It’s being reported that Miley will make a cameo appearance as herself and have a confrontation with Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha, when they arrive at an event wearing the same dress. Miley doesn’t have any lines in the movie, but the script calls for Mario Cantone’s character, Anthony, to react by saying “Mother of God! She’s wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana!”

Yours in movie news!
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