113009: Weekend Box Office

113009: Weekend Box Office

Twilight Saga Mania Fading


After cleaning up at the box office for its debut weekend, it appears as though the Twilight Saga: New Moon mania is quickly fading. Last weekend New Moon broke all kinds of box office records pulling in approximately $142 million. However, I pondered the question – Will the mania and hype last? – Apparently movie goers are quickly becoming bored with the sub-par-too-long vampire flick. While New Moon did hold onto the number one spot at the box office for this past weekend, it just barely held off a tackle by the Michael Oher story The Blind Side.

New Moon does have some impressive box office numbers. So far it’s made over $230 million domestically and over $473 million worldwide since it hit theaters on November 20th. Meanwhile, the number two box office holder for this week, an inspirational football drama about the life of NFL rookie tackle Michael Oher The Blind Side, improved on its opening weekend raising $40.1 million from Friday through Sunday. The new Sandra Bullock movie has now surpassed the $100 million mark.

New Movie Debut Weekend & Box Office Records

The new movies released over the holiday weekend had rather unspectacular debuts. Old Dogs, starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, premiered in fourth place. The action flick Ninja Assassin came in at number six. Meanwhile, in its first weekend of wide release, the animated flick Fantastic Mr. Fox came in at number nine with just $7 million from Friday through Sunday. Last, but certainly not least, again just as I called it, Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert rehearsal movie didn’t even make the top ten results for its final release weekend on the big screen.

However, even though Twilight mania is fading and the weekend debut movies didn’t fair well as far as dollars go, Hollywood set a new record for the five-day Thanksgiving weekend. Total box office dollars are estimated at $275 million. Analysts say box office revenue for 2009 is already at $9.5 billion. That means with another month of box office results still left in the year, Hollywood could break the all time record of $9.7 billion set in 2007.

Weekend Box Office With Dollar Estimates

  1. Twilight Saga: New Moon – $42.5 million
  2. The Blind Side – $40.1 million
  3. 2012 – $18 million
  4. Old Dogs – $16.8 million
  5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol – $16 million
  6. Ninja Assassin – $13.1 million
  7. Planet 51 – $10.2 million
  8. Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire – $7.1 million
  9. Fantastic Mr. Fox – $7 million
  10. The Men Who Stare At Goats – $1.5 million

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