Say Goodbye To Spider-Man

Say Goodbye To Spider-Man

The Demise of Spider-Man

Could this be the downfall of the latest Spider-Man franchise?

When those behind the latest Spider-Man franchise starring Tobey MaGuire announced a fourth movie in the series, which would also star Tobey MaGuire, I did not jump on the band wagon of praise. If anything I said it was a bad move.

Tobey MaGuire and Kirsten Dunst have had a great run with the re-invented series. But after three big movies in the new franchise bank, it was time to move on. When the third in the series made big bucks, everyone was clamoring for a Spidey four! MaGuire and Dunst even got caught up in the clamor and agreed to make another appearance.

From the outset of those announcements I said “no”! If they did another Spider-Man with the same cast, it would be destined to go the cartoon way of Batman when it first made it’s re-appearance on the big screen stage.

It appears the next Spider-Man flick will truly be yet another re-tooled version of the franchise.

MaGuire and Others Dumped From Spidey!

Tobey MaGuire now has no choice but to hang up his Spidey suit. Sony Pictures announced this week that it’s moving ahead with the fourth Spider-Man movie, without MaGuire as Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego. Not only has MaGuire been dumped from the list, but Kirsten Dunst, who played Mary Jane, and director Sam Raimi have been cut from the cast list too.

After Sony’s announcement MaGuire released a statement saying…

“I’m proud of what has been accomplished with the Spider-Man franchise to date. Beyond the films themselves, I have formed some deep and lasting friendships. I am excited to see the next chapter unfold in this incredible story.”

In a separate statement, Raimi said his work on the Spider-Man films was an “experience of a lifetime”.

The cast change announcement comes on the heels of script problem reports which were delaying the production of Spider-Man 4. The film was scheduled for release in May of 2011. But now Sony Pictures says the release date has been moved to 2012. The new Spider-Man movie will also turn back the clock and focus on Peter Parker during his high school days. The first Spider-Man movie in the latest trilogy followed MaGuire’s Parker in high school and detailed his transformation into the Spidey hero.

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