032910: Weekend Box Office

032910: Weekend Box Office

Another Animated Box Office Topper

The war of the animated movies continues for the top box office spot. While the animated Alice in Wonderland slipped by one spot, the animated How To Train Your Dragon debuted in the top spot! That of course means the Tim Burton-Johnny Depp flick lost it’s three week reign as the box office champ.

Meanwhile, speaking of 3D animated flicks, it appears Avatar’s long run in the top 10 is over as it failed to make the top list coming in at the number 11 spot.

On a side note, it will be interesting to see what happens with the battle of 3D movies this coming weekend. The long awaited Warner Bros. release of Clash of the Titans opens this Friday!

Top 10 Box Office Movies With Estimates

  1. How To Train Your Dragon – $43.3 million
  2. Alice in Wonderland – $17.3 million
  3. Hot Tub Time Machine – $13.7 million
  4. The Bounty Hunter – $12.4 million
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – $10 million
  6. She’s Out Of My League – $3.5 million
  7. Green Zone – $3.3 million
  8. Shutter Island – $3.2 million
  9. Repo Men – $3 million
  10. Our Family Wedding – $2.2 million

Enjoy the show!
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