Magic 8 Ball: Toys On The Big Screen!

Magic 8 Ball: Toys On The Big Screen!

Is Hollywood Really This Hard Up?!

In what could be every meteorologists nightmare, some filmmakers in Hollywood are talking about a movie involving the Magic 8 Ball! A couple of my good friends are meteorologists and I always kid them about using a Magic 8 Ball, chicken bones and a dart board to forecast their daily weather. Now with the possibility of a Magic 8 Ball movie, their secret might just come out!

Believe it or not, but Paramount has struck a deal with toymaker Mattel to use the Magic 8 Ball as the basis for a live action adventure movie!

Movies based on toys have been popular in Hollywood lately. That of course is evident with Paramount’s already successful Mattel flicks like G.I. Joe and Transformers. Aside from Paramount having fun with toy movies, Universal Studios has a deal with Hasbro. As a result of that deal they’re developing moves based on the games Battleship, Ouija Board, Candy Land, Monopoly and the action figure Stretch Armstrong.

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