071210: Weekend Box Office

071210: Weekend Box Office

Cartoon Beats Out Vampires

Despicable Guy Beats Up On Edward The Vampire

Another weekend has come and gone and that means another box office number one movie has come and gone too! This time around it was a Steve Carell cartoon that beat out Edward the Vampire and Bella for the number one spot. The 3D animated flick Despicable Me debuted in the number one spot. The toon beat out the previous box office leader The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which slipped to the number two spot. Just in case you’re counting, Eclipse has not earned a total of $237 million since opening late last month.

The only other weekend’s wide release, a reboot of the old Predators movie, debuted in the number three spot of the box office top ten.

Top Box Office Results With Estimates

  1. Despicable Me – $60.1 million
  2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – $33.35 million
  3. Predators – $25.3 million
  4. Toy Story 3 – $22 million
  5. The Last Airbender – $17.15 million
  6. Grown Ups – $16.4 million
  7. Knight and Day – $7.85 million
  8. The Karate Kid – $5.7 million
  9. The A-Team – $1.8 million
  10. Cyrus – $1.4 million

Enjoy the show!
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