Movie Review: Dinner for Schmucks

Movie Review: Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks

PG-13 for sequences of crude and sexual content,
some partial nudity and language
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Dinner for Schmucks is the story of Tim, a guy on the verge of having it all. The only thing standing between him a total career of success is finding the perfect guest to take to his boss’ annual Dinner for Extraordinary People. It’s an event where the winner of the evening shows up with the most eccentric character as his guest.

Enter Barry…a guy with a passion for dressing mice up in tiny outfits to recreate great works of art.

A Laugh Out Loud Movie

Dinner for Schmucks stars Steve Carell as Barry and Paul Rudd as Tim. I must admit I was not really excited about the screening for this movie. However, with a PG-13 rating, I knew it was one I couldn’t avoid. So, even though the trailers were not interesting at all, I forced myself to attend the screening.

I’m very glad I went!

As I’ve said before, I’m not a movie cop, but the focus of our reviews is to point out whether or not movies are truly family-friendly or not. Many times what Hollywood calls family-friendly, are far from family-friendly. Not to sound like a broken record here, but the MPAA rating system really needs to be revisited. It is truly out of touch with what’s appropriate. All they need to do as add one more rating category – M for Mature – That, by the way, is exactly what Dinner for Schmucks needs for a rating. This is not a family-friendly movie with a rating of PG-13. The material is simply not appropriate for that age group. However, if there were a rating of M for Mature for the 17 and up crowd, then this movie is perfect!

Dinner for Schmucks is a classic example of the fact that you cannot judge a movie by its trailer.

The trailer for this movie makes it look like it will be nothing more than a rude and crude movie with little contact and little creative humor. Which of course added even more to my disinterest in screening this movie. But, off I went as a dutiful critic to screen the flick. I took our 18 year old son and another friend with me.

As we drove home our son said – “I thought I was going to go deaf because I was in between you and Skeeter and you guys laugh loud!”

In other words, we absolutely loved Dinner for Schmucks as it’s a laugh-out-loud, hilariously funny movie. What changed me mind you ask? The script writing. All too often script writers for movies like this go for the rude and crude jokes just to get a quick laugh. Of course this tactic proves to only make people feel uncomfortable. The laughter is more of a nervous laughter than a laughter of fun.

Such is not the case with Dinner for Schmucks.

The scriptwriting is creative, the jokes original and the slapstick fall down comedy style of Steve Carell is great. Then, as an added bonus, there’s even a message tucked away inside the movie too! While it’s true the comedy is edgy, it does not fall into the raunchy, rude and crude category. I like a good laugh and I like creative humor. It’s obvious that not only the scriptwriters worked hard, but all those involved in Dinner for Schmucks worked hard too.

It Will Probably Get Lost In A Sea Of Movies

Even though I absolutely loved Dinner for Schmucks, I have a feeling this latest Steve Carell movie will probably get lost in the sea of Hollywood movie offerings. Not only is the advance promotion for this movie limited, but for all intents and purposes, Dinner For Schmucks is opening in a limited release.

While it is opening on 2,500 screens, that’s a far cry from the usual 3,000+ screens that what Hollywood hopes to be blockbusters open on.

In other words, the entertainment world seems to be burying Dinner for Schmucks right out of the gate. That’s too bad. As I’ve already mentioned above, while this movie is not family-friendly and is rather edgy, it is creative and hilarious.

Enjoy the show!
Dr. Rus

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