Tom Cruise Makes Producers Nervous

Tom Cruise Makes Producers Nervous

Cruise Not Cruisin’ To Big Payday

Tom Cruise Loses Big Mission Impossible 4 Payday

In the movie Jerry Maguire one of the famous lines from Tom Cruise declares – “Show me the money!” – But, that’s not something he can say to the executives involved in the making of Mission Impossible 4. Of course all I have to say is why bother with yet another installment of Mission Impossible!? This franchise should have died after movie number 2! Reality is the whole Mission Impossible big screen extravaganza has become nothing more than a vanity series of movies for Tom Cruise. The scripts are pretty much non-existent and the acting is terrible!

Now New York magazine is reporting that Paramount Studios has slashed the money Cruise was set to receive in advance for the flick.

Working For Scale

According to recent reports, Tom Cruise will work for scale for Mission Impossible 4. That’s means he will be paid the minimum amount an actor can receive for a film as allowed by the Screen Actors Guild. Apparently the studio has lost faith in Cruise, whose last film, Knight and Day, which co-starred Cameron Diaz, failed to earn $200 million worldwide.

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Of course there’s always spin on any news report and there’s no way the vanity-filled-ego-driven Cruise would ever admit he’s no longer a box office draw. Cruise’s people claim he will simply receive less money up front than he did with the previous Mission Impossible flicks. Some reports say Cruise earned approximately $90 million for the first Mission Impossible in 1996.

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