110810: Weekend Box Office

110810: Weekend Box Office

Cartoon Tops Box Office

Ferrell proves again he’s best as a cartoon!

The new animated movie Megamind debuted as the box office topper for the weekend. The flick features the voices of Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell and not only debuted in regular format, but also 3D. Meanwhile, two other wide releases also debuted rather strongly as well. Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr grabbed the number 2 spot while Tyler Perry’s Rated R flick For Colored Girls debuted in the number 3 spot.

Of course as predicted, the previous box office leader, Saw 3D dropped all the way down to fifth place. In all, the U.S. movie box office pulled in an estimated $157 million for the weekend. That, by the way, is a record for the first weekend of November.

Box Office Results with Estimates

  1. Megamind – $47.7 million
  2. Due Date – $33.5 million
  3. For Colored Girls – $20.1 million
  4. Red – $8.9 million
  5. Saw 3D – $8.2 million
  6. Paranormal Activity 2 – $7.3 million
  7. Jackass 3D – $5.1 million
  8. Hereafter – $4.02 million
  9. Secretariat – $4 million
  10. The Social Network – $3.6 million

Enjoy the show!
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