Will Ferrell Most Overpaid Star

Will Ferrell Most Overpaid Star

Forbes Confirms What I’ve Said Many Times!

I’ve been saying this for years and now Forbes magazine has confirmed what I’ve always said. Will Ferrell is the most overpaid actor in the world, for the second straight year! In it’s most recent survey of the most overpaid in Hollywood Ferrell tops the list again.

No big surprise to me. I’ve been saying that for years.

The former Saturday Night Live star is not a box office draw and most of what he does is rude and crude. He thinks he’s funny, but Ferrell is the perfect example of someone who thinks he’s a comic but refuses to work hard for his humor. Instead, he stoops to quick laugh vulgar moves.

In determining the ranking, Forbes looked at the three most recent movies of each actor on its Celebrity 100 list. Ferrell’s last three flicks, Land of the Lost, Step Brothers and Semi-Pro. Forbes then totaled box office dollars, DVD sales and TV revenue. They then looked at production budgets to come up with an operating income which was then compared to the various celebrity compensation.

The Rich – The Famous – The Overpaid

Before getting to the list of overpaid stars it’s worth mentioning that Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler are ranked as popular stars. However, they made the top ten overpaid list because of their movie Funny People. The flick cost approximately $75 million to make and only earned $71 million globally.

Ten Most Over-Paid Actors for 2010

How the list works – Films’ earnings for every dollar the star was paid.

  1. Will Ferrell – $3.35/$1
  2. Eddie Murphy – $4.45/$1
  3. Denzel Washington – $5.10/$1
  4. Seth Rogan – $6.75/$1
  5. Tom Cruise – $7.20/$1
  6. Drew Barrymore – $7.45/$1
  7. Matt Damon – $8.30/$1
  8. Vince Vaughn – $8.35/$1
  9. Adam Sandler – $8.45/$1
  10. Jim Carrey – $8.60/$1

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