Movie Review: TRON: Legacy

Movie Review: TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy

PG for sequences of sci-fi action, violence and brief language.
Genre: Science Fiction, action, adventure
Runnint Time: 2 hours 7 minutes

The Master Control Program is booted back up as it’s sequel time for the 1982 classic movie TRON. It’s the return of Jeff Bridges as he reprises his Kevin Flynn character in TRON: Legacy. The original director and co-writer, Steven Lisberger, is also back to produce the sequel.

A number of years have passed and there’s still much mystery surrounding the disappearance of video-game developer Kevin Flynn. Just what happened to him? Did he run off to another country? Did someone kill him?

Or…did he get trapped on the grid?

A Special Effects Bonanza With A Story!

I often say the problem with special effects movies revolves around the fact they’re high on special effects but low on story line. Such is not the case with TRON: Legacy. Not only does this sequel contain a great story line, but the writers also make sure connectors are made for those who aren’t familiar with the original. After all, the original TRON movie came out back in 1982.

Kudos for the scriptwriters!

TRON: Legacy opens with a flashback to 1989 as Kevin Flynn – now the CEO of ENCOM – tells his son Sam a story about his adventures in the Grid and about how he, Tron and Clu have discovered something amazing and miraculous. Sam asks about the miracle, but is told to wait for the next time as Kevin heads out the door for work. But, Kevin never returns.

With the stage set, we then flash forward to a 27 year old tech-savvy Sam Flynn who’s still haunted by the mysterious death of his father. When Sam investigates a page sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade – a page that could only come from his dad – he finds himself pulled into a digital world where his dad has been trapped for the past 20 years.

Just how good is TRON: Legacy? I saw it on a flat regular screen first. But I also intend to see it on IMAX Real D too. The special effects are incredible on a regular screen and I’m sure they will be even more spectacular in IMAX Real D.

But this is not a movie merely about special effects.

As a kid I remember playing the original TRON video game and I also remember the original movie. Of course here we are 28 years later and someone decided to dust off the old classic and finally do a sequel. I wondered how well it work, considering many people will have no idea about the original movie. Sure, many know the game as it’s made a resurgence, but what about the movie? Then toss in the fact that like me, there are people who remember the original movie. Would the integrity of the movie hold up? How will producers make connectors? Will connectors be made? All of those questions were quickly put to rest as the opening scenes unfolded and connectors are made. Not only are connectors made from the original to the new, but the original story is told well as part of bedtime story.

When we fast forward to the present we discover a grown up Sam, son of Kevin, trying to figure out why his father left. When he finds himself inside the game and on the grid, he also quickly finds himself reunited with his father. From there, while moving at what at times is break neck speed, TRON: Legacy becomes the story of the gamer and the game.

Who will win? How will the final victory come?
Will the gamers get out alive?

A Fun Ride & A Blast From The Past

Overall I really enjoyed TRON: Legacy. Not only is it entertaining, but it also captivates you for the slightly more than two hour running time. For any regular reader of these reviews you know I do not like movies much longer than an hour and 45 minutes. So, for TRON: Legacy to hold my attention, that’s saying something very positive for the movie. For newcomers to TRON there’s enough going on here to keep you interested. For those like me familiar with the original TRON, there’s enough historical information and connectors to make you appreciate the fact those involved worked hard to maintain the integrity of the original.

When it comes to rating however, with a PG rating, we have to say this is cautionary family-friendly. While there’s nothing totally over the top and it is true, this is based on a video game, a PG-13 rating would have been more appropriate.

Enjoy the show!
Dr. Rus

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