Bieber VS Sandler and Aniston

Bieber VS Sandler and Aniston

A Box Office Punch Out Battle?

Justin Bieber VS Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston

In this corner a little kid who’s been thrust into the limelight after his YouTube video went wild. And in this corner, two veteran performers, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston!

Who will come out the champion this weekend at the box office?

Even though we’re still waiting for the award show season to finish, this weekend could prove interesting when it comes to movie debuts on the big screen. Tomorrow Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s new comedy Just Go With It goes head to head with the release of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. But, Sandler and Aniston are not worried. When asked if it was intimidating going up against Bieber Aniston joked – “Who? – and Sandler quickly quipped – “Nice little kid. He sings. He grew up in front of our eyes. He’s a handsome boy.” Dave Matthews, who also stars in Just Go With It says he expects Bieber to “blow everything out of the water for the next few years”.

Sandler has no plans to start a beef with the tween icon.

Instead, Sandler said he would like to extend a helping hand to teen by actually paying to see his film. Sandler said he does plan to go to the show. He went on to say, “We’ll show some respect to the kid and his family and get him some more money”. To which Aniston joked, “I hear he’s hurting”.

So, who will take the top spot at the Box Office this weekend? It could prove very interesting. I for one plan to see the Sandler-Aniston flick. I’ll stay away from Bieber-mania until all the screaming pre-teens have had time to catch the flick. Then I’ll see it in a close to empty theater.

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