022111: Weekend Box Office Results

022111: Weekend Box Office Results

Liam Neeson Grabs #1 Spot!

The ‘Unknown’ Becomes Known

Heading into the weekend for new movies the most common joke was – “What’s Unknown? It’s ‘unknown’ to me”. Honestly, I forgot this movie was coming out but was thrilled to see it! Apparently Liam Neeson is quite the draw as his latest Warner Brothers movie Unknown was a surprise box office winner. Many expected Martin Lawrence’s sequel in the dreadful Big Momma franchise was a shoe in for the number one spot. Honestly though, it is no surprise to me that it barely broke into the top five. Come on Hollywood, figure it out, people are tired of this franchise and it’s simply not funny anymore.

Last week’s number one flick, the Jennifer Aniston-Adam Sandler romantic comedy dropped to fourth place. Justin Bieber, the teen heartthrob flavor of the month, dropped four spots all the way back to number six.

Weekend Box Office Results With Estimates

  1. Unknown – $21.77 million
  2. I Am Number Four – $19.50 million
  3. Gnomeo and Juliet – $19.40 million
  4. Just Go With It – $18.20 million
  5. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son – $17 million
  6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – $13.60 million
  7. The King’s Speech – $6.57 million
  8. The Roommate – $4.1 million
  9. The Eagle – $3.56 million
  10. No Strings Attached – $3.12 million

Enjoy the show!
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