030411: Opening This Weekend

030411: Opening This Weekend

Potential For Good Movie Weekend

We are heading into a brand new weekend and finally we have some potential for possible good movies to see. With four new flicks to choose from, at least two of them have potential to rise to the top. Matt Damon finds himself playing a politician who needs an adjustment. The other possible good movie, an animated flick staring the voice of Johnny Depp!

New Movies This Weekend

The Adjustment Bureau – PG-13 on 2,840 screens
Matt Damon is a politician who falls in love with a ballet dancer, played by Emily Blunt. However, an organization known as the Adjustment Bureau tries to keep them apart because, they say, she’s not supposed to be part of his destiny.

Rango – PG on 3,917 screens
Johnny Depp voices the titular chameleon, who ends up in an Old West-Style town and is appointed Sheriff. Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin also lend their voices to this animated film.

Take Me Home Tonight – Rated R on 2,003 screens
Set in the 1980’s this comedy stars Topher Grace as an aimless 23 year old man who’s invited to a big party by his high school crush. Anna Faris also stars.

Beastly – PG-13 on 1,952 screens
The modern-day Beauty and the Beast tale stars Alex Pettyfer as a high school student who’s been transformed into an unattractive man by a witch. In order to reverse the spell, he has to find true love within the next year. Fortunately for him, he bonds with a female classmate, played by Vanessa Hudgens, who recognizes his inner beauty. Mary-Kate Olsen and Neil Patrick Harris.

Enjoy the show!
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