Movie Review: Prom

Movie Review: Prom


PG for mild language and a brief fight.
Genre: Comedy, drama
Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

A group of teenagers find their lives intersecting and their futures taking shape as they prepare for the most pivotal event of their high school careers.

It’s time for Prom!

Nova Prescott has worked hard her entire school career making sure everything is in place and proper working order. It’s not just for her, but she also wants to make sure all of her school mates have a most memorable time too, especially at their Prom. After all, it is the last big event before they all split off and head in their own direction whether it be college, university, or just work. Prom also means finding that perfect date too. But as the big day approaches many discover attaining the perfect date for the prom, just might not work out like they originally planned.

A Fun Look At High School Prom Night

This Disney produced look at the final year of high school is a fun peak behind the scenes of what really goes on in the life of a high schooler preparing for the big night known as Prom. As the lead character boldly declares…

Graduation is for the parents…Prom is for kids!

The sad thing is Prom is also another one of those movies that those supposedly in the Hollywood know decided to bury. It opened in pretty much a limited release and Disney for some reason didn’t really push it hard either. They push their darker movies but when a fun clean movie about high school kids comes along they toss it aside like a shoe that’s been on the display rack for too long. Apparently Disney believes teen movies without music or the dark sordid side of the teen years isn’t worth a push. Prom opened on April 29 but as already mentioned above, it was not a wide release. Its debut weekend had it on only 2,730 screens. To date Prom has made approximately $9 million. Not bad considering a limited release with a production budget of just $8 million.

However, don’t let the limited number of screens, the small budget, the panned reviews from so-called movie experts and the appearance of a movie Disney would like you to avoid, skip this movie!

Reality is, Prom is a fun look at the awkwardness of high school senior year, without the rude, crude partying and drugs. All too often Hollywood paints teens as hooligans who are more interested in partying and sex rather than anything else. Such is not the case with Prom. We do have the usual suspects when it comes to high school seniors – jocks, intellects, outsiders, insiders, long-time-daters, odd music lovers – and more! But, when it comes to prom, the playing field is leveled and even the shy ones end up finding love.

Not Strong – But Fun

It’s obvious this was a low-budget film. It almost seems like someone in a Disney back room decided it was time to put out a movie about high school kids coinciding with the ever popular prom time of the year. Along with a low-budget, for the most part, the acting is not all that strong either. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, but those involved in the movie are for the most part low-level actors.

There are a few glimmers of glory when it comes to the teen actors.

Aimee Teegarden who plays the lead character of Nova Prescott does fairly well. While her performance doesn’t leap off the screen, her narration role throughout the movie is where she shines. Teegarden is a wonderful story-teller and does that well. Thomas McDonell who plays Jesse Richter is the perfect foil for Teegarden’s character. However, while there is supposed to be a love spark between the two in the movie, there are few sparks when it comes to them working together on the big screen. Two other young actors worth noting who do work well together are Nicholas Braun who plays Lloyd Taylor and Raini Rodriguez who plays Tess Torres. They do work well together and Rodriguez shows once again that she is wonderful when it comes to comedy work.

While Prom does have some issues, for the most part we did enjoy the movie. All too often we’re used to the big budget movies with lots of splash and flash. While Prom does not fall into that category, this is a movie NOT to be avoided. If you’re looking for a fun look at high school and a movie you can enjoy with the family, then Prom is for you. Now remember, this is a PG rated movie so it’s not for the really young. However, for a young high schooler and up, it’s a light-hearted look at prom and something parents can enjoy with their kids.

Enjoy the show!
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