Movie Review: Zookeeper

Movie Review: Zookeeper



PG for some rude and suggestive humor and language.
Genre: Comedy, kids, family.
Running Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Beloved zookeeper Griffin Keyes decides to quit his job to dive into the dating pool. As he starts dating he also discovers his animal friends have been keeping an incredible secret from him. The animals at the Franklin Park Zoo do love their kindhearted caretaker. When he starts searching for love – and discovers the animals can talk – Griffin starts taking courtship advice from a lion, a monkey, a gorilla and more!

Of course animal kingdom courtship is very different from human kingdom courtship and this leads to some rather interesting moments in the love-life of Griffin Keyes.

The Comedic Fun of Kevin James

Kevin James, who plays the lead role of Griffin Keyes in Zookeeper is simply fun to watch on the big screen. Griffin loves his job but is tired of returning to an empty house every night. Along the line he reconnects with his ex-girlfriend – who broke his heart five years earlier – and decides to follow her lead reinventing himself and changing jobs. But, when the animals at the zoo hear of his plans they decide to break their “silence” and give him dating advice in the hopes of keeping him at the zoo.

In an animal kingdom roller coaster ride of wild advice, Keyes discovers where true love is really found.

Adam Sandler has a very large imprint on this movie. As a result, heading into the movie you’re really not sure what you’ll get. It is no secret as we’ve written about this before in other reviews. Adam Sandler always has the potential to be funny when he works for his humor. But, he can also stoop to potty humor which in turn simply does not work. We are pleased to report that Zookeeper is a very fun movie! Of course Kevin James is a big part of the humor and he is simply hilarious when it comes to not only comedic humor, but also physical humor too. James has the ability to pull even a bad movie out of the dumpster.

But – Zookeeper does not fall into the bad movie category.

It’s been a long time since we’ve laughed so much through an entire movie. There have been glimmers of laughter throughout what has really been a tough year for movies. But Zookeeper does not disappoint when it comes to laugh out loud movies throughout the entire flick. Not only do the laughs come from James, but the voice talent for the animals bring many laughs as well. It’s simply hilarious to watch the zookeeper character played by Kevin James interact with the likes of Bernie the Gorilla voiced by Nick Nolte, Donald the Monkey voiced by Adam Sandler, Cher who voices Janet the Lioness and last but not least, Sylvester Stallone who voices Janet’s mate, Joe the Lion – King of the Jungle.

In the midst of all the fun moments throughout Zookeeper the whole “Taking Bernie Out On The Town” scene is very funny. Nick Nolte has lived a rather hard life throughout his career and he is simply the best choice for this character. A lonely gorilla looking for a friend whom he can trust. Of course in the midst of the fun, we also discover some very touching and moving life lessons as Griffin and Bernie interact too.

A Fun Break From Overdone Special Effects

In the midst of Superhero movies this year, Zookeeper is a much needed breath of fresh air. While the special effects are cool in the superhero flicks, there are times you just want to sit back and enjoy a movie, without feeling like you’re on a special-effect-roller-coaster-ride. For those tired of the special effect extravaganza of late – Zookeeper could very well be the movie for you. Clocking in at slightly more than an hour and a half this is a perfect movie to simply enjoy and laugh through. Along the way you might also learn a thing or two as well.

Overall, we absolutely loved Zookeeper. The length is perfect, the laughs are plenty and the cast is strong. With a PG rating we also have to applaud the fact that in the midst of questionably rated movies – Zookeeper is rated properly and is family-friendly.

Enjoy the show!
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