Movie Review: Puss In Boots

Movie Review: Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots


PG for some adventure action and mild rude humor.
Genre: Kids, Family, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy,
Science Fiction, Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Long before he met Shrek, Puss in Boots became a hero for saving a woman from a charging bull. But, soon after becoming a hero, he was then run out of town on suspicion of bank robbery even though the true villain is Puss’ friend, Humpty Dumpty. There’s still animosity between them, but here we find Puss and Humpty reunite to steal a goose that lays golden eggs. Joining them for the adventure of nine lifetimes is notorious cat burglar Kitty Softpaws.

Not Quite As Entertaining As Shrek

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

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Shrek’s swashbuckling feline gets a solo outing in this animated movie Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas. I was somewhat concerned about the content of this movie heading in for the screening. The trailers seemed to cherry pick some of the scenes from this hour and a half movie trying to “sex it up” and make the Puss in Boots character come off more as a Don Juan than as a hero sword wielding fighter. That’s really too bad and I’d like to know what the marketing angle was for this approach. If those involved with the advertising thought it was the only way to grab the attention of the older crowd, they are sadly mistaken. If anything I know it turned some people off of this movie.

I’m happy to report there’s much more to this movie
than just what’s found in the trailers. 

The most creative aspect of Puss in Boots revolves around the fact that the writers seemed to have taken a number of old fairy tales, tossed them into a bag, shook them up and then pieced them together in a very humorous way. This movie is very entertaining and for it’s PG targeted audience it is rated appropriately. All too often animated movies with a PG rating end up becoming nothing more than rude and crude humor. Anyone can write rude and crude because it takes little to no effort. However, to come up with great laughs and new twists on an old story, that takes true creativity. It’s obvious from the start of Puss in Boots that the writers are very creative.

As for  voice talent, Antonio Banderas is once again stellar as Puss. Reminiscent of his Zorro days Banderas plays this role of a swashbuckling sword fighting character very well. Another honorable mention must be given to Billy Bob Thornton too. Billy Bob who is either spot on when it comes to acting, or terribly off, comes across very well as an over-grown Jack protecting his magic beans.

Overall I did enjoy Puss In Boots. But I will caution you. If you think you’re in for a re-hash of his Shrek days, you will be disappointed. This truly is a stand alone movie establishing Puss as an animated character who can stand on his own two paws when it comes to holding a movie together from start to finish. As for the rating, we are calling it family-friendly. Remember though, this is a PG movie not a G movie. While there’s nothing too over the top in the area of content, it is not aimed at the real small crowd.

Enjoy the show!

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