Movie Review: This Means War

Movie Review: This Means War

This Means War


PG-13 for sexual content including references,
some violence and for language.
Genre: Comedy, thriller, action, adventure
Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Two top CIA spies find their enduring friendship put to the ultimate test when they engage in an all-out war to win the affections of a beautiful woman. Deciding to keep their friendship a secret from her, they pull out their complete arsenal of fighting skills and high-tech gadgets to defeat their greatest enemy – each other.

A Spy VS. Spy Love Affair Twist!

Spy vs. Spy

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The trailers for This Means War made this movie look fantastically funny! We are happy to report the movie does indeed live up to the hype of the trailers!

When I first saw the trailers I instantly thought of the old MAD Magazine spoof of super-slick-spies known as Spy VS Spy. That kind of good spy takes on bad spy scenario where they try to outsmart one another at every twist and turn in life.

While This Means War is not a good spy vs bad spy plot line, the story line does pit two spies against one another. Using all available resources at their fingertips through the CIA, FDR Foster – played by Chris Pine – and Tuck – played by Tom Hardy – find themselves caught in a battle of gadgets and toys as they try to win the heart of the same woman, Lauren who’s played by Reese Witherspoon.

From the opening scene of this movie it’s obvious there’s great chemistry between those involved in the title roles. Tom Hardy, best known for his portrayal of Eames in the movie Inception and Chris Pine who is of course known for his portrayal of the ever iconic Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise work very well together. The two spies have worked together for a long time and have become true “brothers in arms” looking out for one another no matter the situation. They know how the other one thinks and they know exactly how to react in any given situation. As spies they are a great team and that sense of teamwork makes them best friends outside of the workplace too.

But, when they’re trying to win the heart of the same woman – even in the midst of a gentleman’s agreement – the gloves come off and the high-tech-spy-gadgets go into action. Once again, it’s the character chemistry that makes this movie work. Even when you toss in Reese Witherspoon, there is no on-screen magic lost. If anything it’s the ability of this trio of actors to work together well that makes this movie pretty much jump right off the screen.

Did Those Involved “Clean” The Movie Up?

Much to my surprise, this now rated PG-13 movie originally carried an R rating. I have no idea what transpired between the R rating and the making of a PG-13 rating but I have a feeling we need to give kudos to those involved for sticking with the funny instead of the sleazy. It’s actually easy to see where this movie could have really went down the road of R rated material but we are pleasantly surprised that those involved did not go that way. This Means War clocks in at slightly more than 90 minutes and those 90 minutes are jam packed with fun and laughs. Action abounds and there’s really not much slow time during this movie.

Overall we really enjoyed this movie. It’s not a flick with deep sentimental meaning and deep plots and sub-plots. This Means War sets out to have fun and that’s exactly what it does. Be watching for some subtle jokes tossed in from time to time too. The writers out did themselves in a couple areas with what could be seen as “inside” jokes but are laugh-out-loud funny when you pick them up.

Enjoy the show!
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