041612: Weekend Box Office Results

041612: Weekend Box Office Results

Hunger Games Takes Gold Again

Moviegoers remain hungry for The Hunger Games as once again this based on adult-novel-turned-movie grabs the top spot for the fourth weekend in a row pulling in slightly more $21 million. The remake – and hopefully not rebirth of – The Three Stooges debuted at the number two spot. Coming in third – another debut movie for the weekend – the horror flick Cabin In The Woods.

In what’s becoming “an also ran” movie – the Titanic re-release in 3D once again struggled coming in at number four barely breaking the $10 million mark.

Weekend Top Ten Box Office With Estimates

  1. The Hunger Games – $21.5 million
  2. The Three Stooges – $17.1 million
  3. The Cabin in the Woods – $14.9 million
  4. Titanic (3D) – $11.6 million
  5. American Reunion – $10.6 million
  6. Mirror Mirror – $7 million
  7. Wrath of the Titans – $6.9 million
  8. 21 Jump Street – $6.8 million
  9. Lockout – $6.3 million
  10. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – $3 million

Enjoy the show!

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