052512: Opening This Weekend

052512: Opening This Weekend

What Will Top The Box Office For Memorial Day?

What will happen by the end of the weekend when it comes to Box Office results. It seems superheroes have reigned supreme for the past few weeks but will the aliens of The Avengers be a match for the aliens of Men in Black 3 this weekend? Only time will tell.

As we find ourselves heading into the first long weekend of the summer season, this is also the time Hollywood begins to pull out all the stops rolling out what they hope will be the start of the summer box office hit season.

Who will win the battle of the box office this weekend?

New Movies This Weekend

Men in Black 3 – PG-13 on 4,248 screens
In the first film in the Men in Black franchise in 10 years, Will Smith’s Agent J travels back in time to the 1960’s to prevent an alien from assassinating his colleague, Agent K. Tommy Lee Jones also returns as the modern-day Agent K while Josh Brolin plays his 1960’s counterpart. MIB3 is also screening in 3D.

Chernobyl Diaries – Rated R on 2,433 screens
Six young tourists are haunted by the aftermath of the 1980’s Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they take a trip to an abandoned Ukrainian city not far from where the tragedy took place.

Enjoy the show!

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