Box Office Update & Movie News

Box Office Update & Movie News

Robots Win Fight With Woolly Mammoth


Box Office Official Total For Top Spot

The final count is in and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen held onto the top box office spot by a narrow margin. The Shia LaBeouf Transformers sequel officially finished in first place for the July 4th weekend box office returns. Revenge of the Fallen pulled in $42.3 million for the Friday through Sunday weekend totals. Meanwhile, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs debuted in second place with $41.7 million.

Initial estimates had Transformers and Ice Age tied for the number one spot with and estimated sales for Ice Age at $42.5 million.

All in all however, the weekend box office results does confirm something I said earlier. While the new Transformers flick made a huge splash in the box office the week before, it opened by itself. While it’s true the flick has pulled in a record box office take for the year so far, the question remains…

Will it have the staying power of the first Shia LaBeouf Transformers?

Other Movie News…

Star Trek star Simon Pegg is a new Daddy!


The 39 year old actor’s wife, Maureen McCann, recently gave birth to a little girl. It’s the first child for the couple who’ve been married since 2005.

Meanwhile, Dane Cook’s half-brother is in trouble for banking what wasn’t his. Prosecutors in Woburn, Massachusetts say 43 year old Darryl McCauley has been indicted on 20 additional counts of larceny. According to court documents, he allegedly stole more than $11 million from the comedian. Authorities say McCauley wrote checks to himself while serving as business manager for Cook’s company, Great Dane Enterprises. McCauley has entered a not guilty plea.

In movie news…

Dreamworks Studio is developing a film based on the beloved toy – the View-Master! You remember that toy right? It’s the one which displays 3D images of movies and tourist attractions using circular slides.

Last, but certainly not least – Peter Krause has been signed to appear in the movie Beastly. It’s a modern day version of the classic Beauty and the Beast franchise. Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen will also star in the upcoming movie. Krause, who appeared in the ABC series Dirty Sexy Money, will also star in NBC’s new adaptation of the movie Parenthood.

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