071009: Opening This Weekend

071009: Opening This Weekend

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There’s not a lot of action in the way of new movies opening this weekend. You could say we’re in a lull, for at least a week anyway. The big news and much anticipated release of the next Harry Potter movie hits the big screen next Wednesday. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the box office next weekend.

In the meantime…

It will be interesting to see if Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen holds the number one spot for another weekend. Or, will the close second Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs snap up the number one spot. Or, will the rude and crude Sacha Baron Cohen be a weekend surprise and grab the top stop.

Time will tell! This weekend there are two new movies hitting the big screen. One in a big way, one in not so much of a big way.

One Rated R Movie & One Wanna Be Rated R Movie

Bruno – Rated R on 2,755 screens
Sacha Baron Cohen returns as another one of his alter egos, a gay Austrian fashionista Bruno. The title character is a TV personality who visits America to become a celebrity, making a lot of people very uncomfortable in the process. In other words, Cohen pushes the envelope even more than he did in his 2006 movie Borat. This time around there’s even cameos from Paula Abdul, Elton John, U2’s Bono and other stars.

I Love You, Beth Cooper – Rated PG-13 on 1,858 screens
A beautiful cheerleader named Beth Cooper, played by Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere, is surprised at her high school graduation when geeky class valedictorian Denis reveals during his speech that he has a crush on her. The two then go on to have some wild adventures together that night. This is a film adaptation of the 2007 Larry Doyle novel.

While these two movies may be new on the big screen this week, they will have a hard time scratching out an existence at the top of the box office. Even though Bruno is opening on approximately 2,700 screens, that’s far less than the current box office leaders are on.

Enjoy the show!
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