Movie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Movie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles

PG-13 for sustained and intense sequences of war violence, destruction and language
Genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller
Running Time: 1 hour 56 minutes

A platoon of Marines take on an alien invasion throughout Los Angeles. Of course in the beginning they have no idea what’s going on. Some think it’s just a drill while others are concerned about heading back into battle in their own backyard after returning from overseas deployment. Others are saying they would rather be overseas than battling the unknown creatures they’re now facing.

Then, in the midst of all the outward turmoil, a 1st SSG is also working through a lot of inward turmoil as he finds himself in the midst of a battle he didn’t sign up for.

District 9 Meets War of the Worlds

I have to admit it. I went into Battle: Los Angeles with rather low expectations.

Truthfully, this movie was low on the ladder of movies to see. But, when it pulled in $36 million on its debut weekend I decided I should see it. Before going to movies I usually try to stay away from other reviews too. That way I go in without, hopefully, any preconceived notions about the movie. A friend described the movie using just the initials – BLA – so, like I said, I went into yet another alien movie where Los Angeles gets picked on with low expectations.

Actually, I went into Battle: Los Angeles thinking it would be nothing more than a re-hash of the horrible box office flop Skyline from last year. The plot line was similar. Aliens invade Los Angeles, people die, no one knows what’s going on and the acting is sub-par and pretty much non-existent. However, where Skyline had cool special effects and absolutely no acting talent – at least Battle: Los Angeles had a handful of notable people who could act.

Topping the list of good actors, Aaron Eckhart of The Dark Knight fame. He puts in a great performance of the shell shocked Staff Sgt. Michael Nantz. He’s the epitome of all that is a Marine. Honor, respect and getting the job done leaving non-behind if at all possible. If it weren’t for Eckhart, the rest of the cast making up Battle: Los Angeles would never have been able to carry this flick. The second strong actress in this movie is Bridget Moynahan. On the big screen she’s noted for her roles in I Robot and Lord of War. Most notably these days she can be seen playing an attorney on the new Tom Selleck small screen hit Blue Bloods.

If it weren’t for the talent of both Eckhart & Moynahan
Battle: Los Angeles would be an actors dust-bowl.

We Need Another Rating Please!

I know, I’ve ranted about this time and time again but when will the MPAA finally get it. With a PG-13 rating this movie is by no means family-friendly. There’s simply too much violence, too much fighting and too much graphic violence for this to be a kid-friendly movie. Battle: Los Angeles does not need an R rating, but it certainly is a movie for 16 and up crowd.

Over-all, I have to admit I found myself leaving the theater with a smile on my face. While this is not a strong movie, it is also not your average alien movie. Yes, the aliens do come out out of the ground, like the did in the Tom Cruise vanity version of War of the Worlds and it is shot in a District 9 style. But, if you’re looking for an alien movie that is more than just special effects, you will probably like Battle: Los Angeles. I will say this much, at least I didn’t come out of the theater laughing at how horribly done the movie was like I did after Skyline.

Enjoy the show!
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