Introducing General Sarge

Introducing General Sarge

Painting The Military In A Positive Light

A New Look At Battle: Los Angeles

Most of the time Hollywood spends a lot of time painting a negative picture of our brave men and women serving in the military. They paint soldiers as war-mongers more interested in blowing things up than working to serve and protect our freedom.

So, when a movie comes along portraying the military in a positive light, it’s well worth mentioning.

I’ve already done a review of Battle: Los Angeles on this site and you can find that review here…

Movie Review of Battle: Los Angeles

While I will write about aspects of Battle: Los Angeles for the most part this is a post to introduce you to a new project I’ve been working on for a while.

Day 16 - General Sarge Wants You

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Let me introduce you to General Sarge. He’s our sons Build-A-Bear. Ben is now PVT. Benjamin Jeffrey serving as an active duty soldier in the Infantry. Our middle son is also in the Army. He’s currently at basic training and will then return home as he’s in the Reserves.

Military Doing What They Do Best
Protecting At All Costs

As you can well imagine, we now have a very close connection with the military. Yes it’s true, there are some bad apples that do spoil the pie and we have an example of that in the news right now. But, if it weren’t for those proudly serving our country, we would not have the freedoms we experience now in this country.

Day 71 - Movies - Battle Los Angeles

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But, in what’s usually a liberal left agenda, Hollywood often paints a bad picture of our military. That’s what makes Battle: Los Angeles a great movie. While the over-all movie is not spectacular. The message of honor, courage, protection and saving civilians is one worth noting.

The Marines, along with the branches of the military portrayed in this movie, do their job of protecting and fighting for freedom. It’s refreshing to see the military portrayed in such a positive light in a Hollywood movie.

As for General Sarge, he’s turned into not only a great support system for me coping with the fact that our 18 year old is in the infantry, but the site is also gaining momentum to encourage other military families too. Build-A-Bear is on board with us along with a few other military support groups too. The plan is to set up a General Sarge Families First Campaign fund which will go toward helping military families attend graduation ceremonies of their loved ones. We’re discovering there is no support to help families get to this very important day.

My wife and I are currently raising funds to help us off-set our travel expenses to Fort Benning, GA. From upstate New York to Ben’s graduation in GA we’re estimating a cost of approximately $1200. Our hope is as General Sarge gains momentum, we will actually be able to have funds available through various income streams which will in turn help parents or the spouses of their future heroes attend graduation.

There’s much more I could say about General Sarge, but it’s probably easiest to send you to his site. So, here are some important links for General Sarge;

We have many great readers and followers of this Frame by Frame movie review site. Our hope is that you will also subscribe to the General Sarge site and keep up with him, as well as encouraging our military along the way too.
Thanks for your support!
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