Movie Review: Men In Black 3

Movie Review: Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3


PG-13 for sci-fi action violence and brief suggestive content.
Genre: Sequel, comedy, action, adventure.
Running Time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Agents J and K are back protecting the world from alien invasion once again. This time around with K’s life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J travels back in time to put things right. But while on his time traveling journey J also discovers there are secrets to the universe that K never told him about. Secrets that reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K to save his partner, the agency and the future of all humankind.

They’re Back

In 1997 Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones teamed up together to bring us the first Men in Black. Now 15 years later the Special Alien Fighting Secret Agents are back once again doing battle with extraterrestrials. The first time around we were introduced to Agent J and K who’s job it is to keep an eye on aliens in New York City. In 2002 for Men in Black Two Agent J had to find Agent K and restore his memory. As we now fast forward to 2012 we discover Agent J going back in time to the early 1960’s. Once again he’s looking out for his long time partner Agent K while working to stop an alien from assassinating his alien fighting agent friend and changing history.

MIB3 can best be summed up in one word – WOW!

One of the secret weapons for this movie revolves around consistency. The actors are the same, the scenery is the same and for the most part, the story theme remains the same too. While Men in Black 3 has a different plot line, the alien fighting story theme remains the same. Not only do we have Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones returning as Agent J and K, those involved in the movie pay close attention to detail and that makes for an even better movie! How closely do they pay attention to detail? The guard sitting outside the MIB office elevator is still the same guy!

From an acting standpoint, of course Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are incredible once again. When it comes to Josh Brolin who plays the young Agent K – all we can say is “outstanding”. Brolin obviously spent time studying Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of the famous Agent K and it really is like looking at a younger Tommy Lee Jones!

The story is fascinating as well. Working hard to avoid spoilers here suffice it to say there are fun twists and turns along the way. We even found ourselves saying “Didn’t see that coming” a few times throughout the movie. To get one “I didn’t see that coming” is amazing but pile up two or three makes the whole MIB3 experience even more amazing. When it comes to story line we also have to give the writers applause for not succumbing to the tyranny of the long syndrome. Many times sequels become bloated and long winded as those involved in the sequel spend too much time laying in groundwork for what went before. However, Men in Black Three is a great sequel as there are wonderful connectors for those who have been following this franchise – while at the same time – this can also be a stand alone movie too.

Last by certainly not least, when it comes to rating, we have to say MIB3 is cautionary family-friendly. While it’s not over the top, there are scenes in this movie that are simply too scary for a young audience. Parents, go to the movie with your early teens so you can talk about the content after the movie if need be.

All in all, we loved Men in Black Three. Yes we were initially concerned about a third movie in this franchise. But it did not take long for us to figure out that MIB3 is a wonderfully entertaining movie and definitely one we will add to our collection when the DVD is released.

Enjoy the show!

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