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Family-Friendly Movie Reviews
Movie reviews that cut through the Hollywood hype to offer concise, easy-to-read information with the family in mind.

Dr. Rus and his wife Sandra are movie reviewers hosting Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Guide to the Movies Friday mornings on 1420 WACK in Newark, New York. Their weekly movie reviews can also be found on Dr. Rus’ main website. Aside from Friday mornings, Dr. Rus is also a regular guest on radio stations across the United States talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of film making and Hollywood movies.

As parents Dr. Rus and Sandra understand the frustration of parenting in a society that encourages children to grow up too fast in this media driven world. As an offshoot of their radio reviews, Dr. Rus and Sandra published Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Guide to the Movies in 2007, reviewing movies from 2006. The book is a combination of reviews and starter questions for each movie, encouraging parents to interact with their kids and talk about lessons learned from each movie.

While our focus is always with a family-friendly eye, this does not mean we only view G rated flicks. We screen all types of movies, and then review them asking the question; Is this movie family-friendly? We are by no means movie cops. We’re parents aiming at helping other parents know what they’re in for with any given movie before actually seeing it. Too many times parents are blindsided by the content of a movie they thought was family-friendly. We hope to set off some of those landmines before a parent sets foot in the movie theater, or hits the play button on the DVD.

Some might wonder why we call ourselves reviewers instead of critics. The reason for this revolves around the fact that too often movie critics are just that, critical. They’re not watching a movie for the purpose of encouraging family-friendly viewing. Instead, they watch movies to tear it apart with little to no concern of the average movie goer. As reviewers we hope to maintain an eye for good movies, while at the same time maintaining a sense of purpose of encouraging people, especially families, to watch good movies and in turn interact with their family after watching it.

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