Movie Monday

It’s the Movie Monday Blog Carnival!

So, how did you spend your weekend? Did you watch new movies? Or, did you catch some old movies? Whatever the case may be, Movie Monday is the place you want to be every week so you can tell others what you watched. But, not only do we want you to tell us what you watched, we’d love a review too!

There are a couple ways to get involved

  • Make an entry on your own blog, and then simply link to it in the comments section of the Movie Monday post each week here. It will also be helpful if you make mention in your blog post, that you’re taking part in the Frame by Frame Movie Monday post.
  • If you don’t have a blog, simply post a comment on the weekly Movie Monday post here. That’s right, tell us what you watched over the weekend via a simple comment.

If you decide to write a post on your own blog about a movie, or movies, you watched over the weekend please do the following;

  1. Give us a little review of the movie and let us know if you’d recommend it for others.
  2. Then link your post to the Movie Monday post here. Please use a permalink directly to the weekly post page, not the general url for the website. The easiest way is to simply put a line in your post that says something like;

This post is taking part in Movie Monday!

Make that sentence a permalink to the post here.

That’s it! Please spread the word about the Movie Monday Blog Carnival!

Enjoy the show,
Dr. Rus

About the Author

Dr. Rus has 30+ years experience in the field of communication. He takes this experience, and his passion to encourage others to positively effect their environment, when providing insight and movie reviews.